customer retention


Customer retention and building loyalty is the new way of marketing.  With so many options at our fingertips, how are you making sure that your business stands out?  Do you have a loyalty program?  Do you offer something that no one else can?  

Building customer loyalty begins with the very first interaction and never ends, unless the customer chooses to walk away.  Many businesses are in the mindset that the first interaction is when a customer comes in, but in reality, chances are that a customer has been researching for quite some time and coming to see you is actually closer to the end of their journey and they have pretty much made up their mind that you are going to get their business.

With this in mind, ensuring your digital presence is top-notch, consistent and professional is very important.  Is you small business readily participating in the ways of the future?  Are you able to offer them a solution to meet their needs and solve the problem that they are having?

Do you know your customer?  Do you know what they are looking for?  Does your business model meet the needs of not only your customers, but also your employees?  

Loyalty Programs

Whether you are using a points system, cash back, discounts, coupons, or free product, everyone loves a loyalty program.  But everyone also has a wallet full of cards and numbers to make sure they are not missing out.  Dare to be different and see what else may work for you business.  Let us help by reviewing your current plan and retain more of your customer base.

Customer Service

Making you customer feel comfortable with their decisions and confident in your ability is only the start of customer service.  Consistency providing an exceptional experience should be your goal, and though no one is perfect, it is expected in a place of business to right any wrongs very quickly.  Do you have a plan in place for if something doesn't go 100%?

Consistent Experiences

You have spent time building your loyalty program, training your team on policies. procedures and best practices, but are they doing it consistently?  Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of your business and should be at the front of your team's minds all of the times.  Your customers expect top notch service with each visit and if they do visit another business you want them to compare the experience to that of which they get with your team.

Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers and personas is important as these are the people you are wanting to focus on with your branding and marketing efforts.  Whether your customers are Teen Tyler's, Susan Senior's or everything in between you need to look at your product, your business and decide accordingly.  This can also be taken literally in that your team should get to know their customer's so that they can interact on a personal level adding to the emotional connection.