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It has been awhile since my last blog, but that is because I was having doubts.  Like most Solopreneurs, I was starting to doubt myself and my ability to make this work.  I love Social Media, I love teaching people, I love design, and I love helping people improve their business.  However there is one thing I am missing; clients.

I started to doubt myself about a year ago when I was told by another entrepreneur, someone that I was learning from and thought of as a mentor of sorts that I didn't have a clue and to basically get out of her way.  As many of you can imagine, this hurt quite a bit.  She would question everything that I did and then tell me how I was making more work for her team.  Lucky for me, it didn't take me long to realize that she was actually intimidated by the work I was doing and wanted to stomp me out before management saw that she really wasn't teaching me anything I didn't already know. 

I decided to take the information that I had and put it into a business of my own.  Somewhere I could work with people just like me.  Maybe they needed a little confidence boost or to improve on their skills in order to get them to the point of feeling comfortable; or maybe, they would rather work with someone to make sure everything is as it should be.  I am about building people up and helping them get over hurdles that may have held them back.  I promised myself I would NEVER let someone like the woman I mentioned above hold me or anyone else back from being their best self.

Spring forward 6 months to now, and I am doubting myself again.  I had 4 potential clients flake and 2 not get back to me at all after expressing interest.  Not being one to hound, I let it be, but again it makes me wonder what it is I could be doing differently.  However, I am realizing that by doing anything differently I would be doing myself, my business and my clients an injustice.  I would rather be real than someone who claims to be able to do things that I simply can not.  I am not a guru, a maven or state that I will give you tools which are guaranteed to grow your business by 1000% within 3 months but if you are looking to work with someone who has passion, drive, ambition and a real interest in helping you have come to the right place. 

Click the link if you are interested in some assistance Making Your Mark!

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