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Chauntelle Cole

Founder & Educator

I am an energetic and detail-orientated Customer Retention, Social Media, Digital and Email Marketing professional currently residing in the Central Okanagan, British Columbia.

I am empowered with valuable experience including industries such as Technology, Automotive, Manufacturing, Retail and Education combined for over fifteen years experience with Customer Retention and Administration including nearly three years specialization in Branding, Social Media, Online Reputation, Digital and Email Marketing.

Always seeking to learn more and improve my skills, I recently dove into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords and Analytics to round out my skills. Digital Marketing is an ever changing industry, and I pride myself on staying on top of new trends, digging in and gathering knowledge from a wealth of industry leading sources.

I have spent the past few years learning and developing my digital skills and most recently assisted in creating a complete digital presence for an organization which increased their web traffic by 15% within the first nine months.


This program incorporated customer retention initiatives, social media marketing, along with email marketing campaigns which had an average open rate of 55% and click rate of 20%.  


We targeted not only new customers, but reached out to existing customers and those who we had not seen in awhile introducing them to some new ways we are doing business.

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